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The first picture is from an article on the site Jezebel, and the second from a romance author’s comment.
I don’t think people understand: this woman used Harry Styles to portray a horrifically bigoted, abusive asshole and is getting paid for it. She is rumored (confirmed?) to be getting a book/movie deal based off her THREE PART fanfic, where from what I gather, is an even worse 50 Shades of Grey-esque piece of shit. The fact that the book started as fanfic has nothing to do with it; the fact that she chose to write about an abusive relationship in a way that is trying to portray this sort of harrassment as OK is everything.
If I were Harry Styles (or any member of One Direction or their Team) I would be FURIOUS that she is using her sick fantasies to gain a profit.
Let me tell you something: the One Directipn fan base has a variety of fans that vary in different ages. Hell, my dad is a fan as well as my six year old cousin. And that’s what scares me the most. What 12 year old girl wouldn’t LOVE to see the movie based off her favorite band member? This author, this TWENTY FIVE YEAR OLD WOMAN, should have known better than to write something so horrid. With it kept on the Internet as an unpublished work of fanfic, it’s fine. Not ideal, but still it can be dealt with. But now that it may suddenly be in every bookstore, next to books by James Patterson and J.K. Rowling? (For example). I cannot fathom my repulse towards her lack of judgement.
Cause let me tell you: this is not OK. Because no matter how much she tries to seperate her “literature” from where it originated, it will always be linked back to Harry Styles and One Direction. She will STILL be portraying abusive relationships and douche bag boys as something to dream about.
I’m not even sure if this made sense, I am so FURIOUS and I have written this rant about four times now and I’m sure I’ve left something out I will want to go back in and add.
But these are my thoughts, feel free to drop me an ask with your own opinions, sorry to disturb your scrolling.


I love how everyone was just staring at Louis with awe and amazement in all the X Factor pictures. It’s like they don’t even know what hit them. Louis has everybody and their brother wrapped around his little finger. HE HAS ALL THE POWER